Install SoaMLDesigner on a macOS Modelio project

I’ve been trying to install SoaMLDesigner for Modelio on macOS for a few hours now, but I couldn’t find a way to install it on my project. I tried to follow this tutorial to install it, but I didn’t work on macOS: either some menus were missing, or were grayed out… I finally did it by toying around with the configuration files, so here’s how I did it.

<project [attributes...]>
  [other sub-nodes]
  <module name="SoaMLDesigner" version="[version code you've copied earlier]" archive="[address you've copied earlier]" activated="true" scope="LOCAL">
    <auth scheme="AUTH_NONE" scope="LOCAL"></auth>
  [yet more sub-nodes]

Congrats! SoaMLDesigner is now enabled in your project. To know about using SoaML in Modelio, check out this user guide.


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